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    Amanda Fitch and Giselle Vanderwyst of Moming It “If you are looking for something to lighten the mood, be connected with other moms and know you’re not crazy…. Very professionally done. They’re so funny!”

    ~ Amanda Fitch & Giselle  Vanderwyst – Moming It

“Attention All Moms! This Brand New Video Series Will Make You LOL! …celebrates the sometimes not-so-pretty side of being a mom. I definitely recommend.” 

                               ~Hannah Werthan, Parents Magazine

“…funny stories… direct from the writers of Real Mommy Confessions (Bianca Jamotte & Jennifer Enskat), a web series that features real stories from moms. It’s in English and without subtitles but some stories are enough with visual dialogue.”

~Joël Bassaget of Libération  (translated from French)

    “This is hilarious…. because I can see it happening to me.”

~ For Every Mom

“RMC is the refresher every parent needs to be confident in all of their hilarious parenting mishaps. It’s real, honest, hilarious and embraces the truth of what we call “real” in mommyhood. If I ever need a good laugh, I always tune in and then feel completely normal.” 

                            ~Danielle Guenther Photography

Real Mommy Confessions understands the judgmental cashier phobia that can hit you right in the gut, and with their hysterical new video, they encourage moms to take pride in that Monistat shopping trip!

~Lauren Levy, POPSUGAR

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