What Are the Types of Slides

Most of the parents know why playing is important for a child, but they cannot associate it with learning. Parents also enjoy playing with their children all the time. Being a new parent, taking care of your child is challenging, and an interesting part of your life. For a toddler,Continue Reading

How Should Children Eat Fruit?

Delicious fruit, contains many essential nutrients and is an indispensable food for the development of children. But what to feed children and how to eat is not easy. Here we would like to give some suggestions to guide children to eat fruit in a scientific way. Children eat different fruits in eachContinue Reading

Some Questions about Breastfeeding

Before giving birth, the young mother will certainly have many questions and concerns, especially about breastfeeding. Will that make the couple worse? Breasts too small can affect the amount of milk? 1. Breast milk comes right after birth It’s correct. And in these first 2 – 4 days, even if you are tiredContinue Reading

Do You Need 2 Cribs for Twins

Handling a newborn baby is not a simple task. It requires more patience and complicated too. Dealing with the twins, then imagine how difficult is going to be. Don’t worry, Mom. Here in this title, you will get a solution for all your questions in mind. The first thing thatContinue Reading

Massage Promotes Child Development

Children are very sensitive to stimuli. Especially massages and massages. If you massage the baby regularly, it will help the baby feel comfortable and grow faster … Conditions for conducting massage When the baby is massaged in a warm environment, the baby is placed comfortably. Do not massage when the babyContinue Reading