Do You Need 2 Cribs for Twins?

Do You Need 2 Cribs for Twins

Handling a newborn baby is not a simple task. It requires more patience and complicated too. Dealing with the twins, then imagine how difficult is going to be. Don’t worry, Mom. Here in this title, you will get a solution for all your questions in mind. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a baby in a crib. It is the signature thing for babies. In the case of twins, we require 2 cribs.

It is fine to have one crib at the beginning. Parents hardly prefer 2 cribs when babies bump into one another. Eventually, choosing the best bassinet for twins is comfortable to move anywhere you wanted, to keep baby close by.

Need of 2 cribs for twins

Newly born twins are naturally in the same womb till delivery, so they are comfortable being on the same crib until they bump each other. They sleep even better knowing the other is nearby. It is hard to handle when they grew up, eventually.

Parents usually feel comfortable having babies nearby at night times to take care of breastfeeding. Eventually, when they grow, they have different sleeping patterns and one will disturb another and you can shift them to other cribs.

Advantages of twins sleeping together

They both need care and affection for, and parents securely handled them. It feels safe for them to be nearby and makes them warm. Sleeping together makes them feel comfortable and safe from each other company. And it also gains weight.


By sleeping together they may have different sleeping habits one may disturb the other. In growing age, the space for each one will be less and that makes them uncomfortable. This will affect the routine of the sleep of both babies. Sometimes they may turn their face, facing each other, and that may lead to a lack of oxygen and they rebreathe their exhaled oxygen.

Bassinet for twins

When the parents come to know that they are going to have twins, they have a series of questions in mind. One is how to handle them, along with many things to consider. The first thing that comes to mind is a crib or a bassinet. They also have a bassinet attached to the bed. They design it especially for newborns to sleep.

Types of bassinet

  • Co-Sleeper Bassinet: It’s a bassinet which allows you to sleep with your baby as close as possible.
  • Freestanding Bassinets: Bassinets close by your bed and allows you to adjust.
  • Multipurpose Bassinet: As the name implies, it offers multipurpose benefits. They provide more models that suit the size and age of babies.

The twin baby bassinet is more comfortable and secure than other models. They are also travel-friendly and easy to move from place to place because of their wheel facility.

Do You Need 2 Cribs for Twins

Things to consider while buying a bassinet

Baby’s weight: It is important to consider the weight of a baby when you buy a bassinet. Because bassinet is not universal and manufacturers consider the weight and they will let maximum and minimum weights.

Height: Height is also an important factor, they should fit inside and feel comfortable while sleeping.

Usage: It should be easy to use.

Area of placing: Consider where you are going to place a bassinet. It gives you the choice of buying the best crib for twins. For example, if you are going to a place nearby you can prefer Co-sleeper bassinet.

Cleaning: You should concentrate on cleaning because babies are messy in the initial stages. The bassinet you are selecting should be convenient for cleaning purposes.

Budget: People first check up on pricing and it should be affordable to you.

Review: Checking on review before choosing any product gives you an obvious idea.

Safety measures of using a bassinet

Standard: The product should be standard. Choosing the certified product can make you feel confident and have faith, the product can make good outputs. It should make the baby feel comfortable.

Wheels locked: Moving wheels does not mean that it should always move. Locking of wheels can ensure the security of the baby. You can unlock the wheels whenever you needed.

Mesh wall: Investing on mesh wall is secure, you can monitor baby. It also allows for more airflow. Most of the bassinets are providing mesh walls nowadays.

Some other models of the bassinet for twins

Twin Sleeper Bassinet

It’s a single bassinet that has a separator in place of a standalone attached. Suppose if you are feeding one baby if suddenly you wanted others to feed you can easily rotate the bassinet. It ensures that the baby is nearby and you can make them feel comfortable.

The feature of this twin baby bed is that you can use it as a twin Co-sleeper bassinet by placing over the twin bassinet bed. This is the best bassinet for twins.

Twin Double Bassinet

In this bassinet, you can de-attach the Double Bassinet to use as a standalone bassinet or can use as a player or as a changing table. Suppose one baby is crying, and the other is sleeping you can separate one bassinet from others without disturbing another one. You can easily change the diaper without taking too much stress on your back.

Two in one stationery and rock bassinet

It’s easy to switch between stationary to rock easily. Takes a second to fold and unfold them. It is affordable.

Sleeper easy folding portable bassinet

This is very useful, especially for breastfeeding, and you can easily check your baby nearby. This side panel easily allows you to take care of the baby whenever they need care and comfort. The cons of this bassinet are that they are not portable.

Do You Need 2 Cribs for Twins

Beginning bassinet

It’s easy to carry at home. Easily adjustable. Lightweight so you can carry from one room to another and it is a very useful bassinet.

Side sleeper

It takes only a few seconds to open and close. Eventually, it has its mesh wall that can provide free air supply. Its cons are it occupies most space of your bed and the mattress pad is not removable for cleaning.


To conclude, we can say that you can use 2 cribs when the kids grow and until then they can be in the same crib. In the market, many types of bassinets are more comfortable for babies and moms. Choose the best bassinet for twins, which suits your budget. Hope this article is helpful for new moms with a lot more questions in mind. Though it’s difficult for moms to handle newborn babies, it brings a bunch of joy to the entire family. Happy Parenting!

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