Experience Choosing a Chair for Weaning Baby

Experience Choosing a Chair for Weaning Baby

Most mothers think: only owning weaning food according to BLW method will need a weaning chair. In general, eating other snacks is not necessary, just sitting on a normal chair, on the bed or in an adult’s lap. However, baby snack seats are only used for a short period of time. Both costing a sum of money, and crowded. In addition, according to the real experience. I have found that: no matter what the secret of the mother feeding the baby, having a line of weaning chairs is really essential. Dining chair is an effective means of supporting mothers in taking care of their children.

Why should bring a baby weaning chair?

Contribute to fostering good eating habits for children: eating at the right time, eating well in one place, not eating around, not eating while playing or watching TV, parents are also less difficult.

Help your baby sit neatly, scientifically, beneficial for the digestive system and movement system. Your baby will actively eat and enjoy the mother cooked food in a delightful and interesting way.

Reduce the risk of accidents: Choking, choking, scratching … due to sitting in the wrong position, eating and dancing.

A safe place for babies to play under the mother’s control when mothers are busy cooking or doing housework.

share a little bit with friends: My house has been sitting in a weaning chair since the 6th month. Initially, my child was not able to sit steadily, not used to possessing a confined seat, so it was a bit uncomfortable. Gradually, children become more excited and each meal is very eager to eat and obediently feed themselves. There was another kid near the house who was the same age as Corn. The grandmother would let her sit on her bicycle and walk around the alley while her mother took a bowl of rice to scoop each piece. It was very hard. So I did the right thing.

Experience in choosing a snack chair.

A few notes when choosing a snack seat.

Safety system: Young children can fall out of a chair whenever eating or playing in a chair. So make sure you choose a chair that already has a lot of, sturdy, and comfortable seat belts for use. With lock on wheels and seats.

Safe materials : when choosing any item for children, not just weaning chairs, safety is the top priority. The chair must be made of affordable materials, ensuring that it does not carry harmful substances to children. Mother should choose to buy products with experience and are genuine. For imported chairs, please buy the seal of certification of the US trade association for children’s products on the chair.

Structure of the chair: The chair has a sturdy structure, not easily toppled, reasonable design, foldable, easy to adjust, easy to move, removable dining tray, large seat, Help your baby release the brake while sitting in the chair, the right size for your baby’s weight and your home space.

Simple dining chairs : Chairs are as pure as possible. Do not choose chairs that are attached too popular with toys or cumbersome decorations. Children will be distracted while eating and not feel the taste of the food, also more expensive than other simple chairs.

Hygiene convenience: When children learn to eat, especially the ways to feed them themselves. It will be a mess. The child’s front yard after eating is food, vomiting, urine. Bacteria can penetrate most of the cracks, crevices, folds in the chair. So the mother should choose a chair that can clean the stains a convenient secret.

Experience Choosing a Chair for Weaning Baby1

Sample weaning chair

On the market with almost line of dining chairs with different appearance, price, materials, origin. I feel that I can divide the weaning chair into 3 main ones:

– A foldable dining chair (booster seat)

– High chair

– The dining chair can recline widely

The booster seat (Booster seat)

This chair model is selected by all mothers because it possesses the following advantages. The chair is made mainly of plastic material, less dirt, less mold. The feeding tray is removable, easy to clean. The chair can be folded back so it does not take up space and is always able to carry it while your baby goes out. Chairs can be cheaply placed on the floor, on a bed or on a large adult seat and fastened by the straps. The price is reasonable, cheaper than the high chair model.

This weaning chair is quite suitable for conditions in Vietnam: a small house, riding a motorbike, especially for families who like to travel, to eat out, to go to grandparents’ house … In addition, restaurants in Vietnam do not have a lot of equipment available for children to eat, so when we go out to eat, we often need to own chairs for babies.

In addition, the Booster seat size is generally relatively small, so it can only be used for babies under 3 years old. And the diversified fake goods that are already counterfeit goods often make fake plastic, not durable or with toxic, unstable straps.

High chair

High dining chair is divided into 2 categories: wooden and plastic with metal legs.

In foreign countries, the high chair is preferred by mothers, or buy both booster seats and high chairs to use when going out and at home. The chair is difficult to clean, especially the wooden snack chair: it will take a long time to dry, and it is easy to get mold. The chair is large, so babies who are just learning how to sit may be cramped, they must insert blankets and pillows. The price is more expensive than the booster seat.

Dining chair with recline to universal hiccup

The features of this snack chair are: the chair reclines 2-3 steps, can carry toys, usually has a back mattress and comfortable seats, or a removable mattress.

If this chair is like a purchase, you should buy it from the moment your baby is born to take full advantage of the functions of the chair such as reclining for the baby to lie down to eat or play, sit and play … The chair is a bit more, less smooth, the tray is eating can make the tray sit and play.

In addition, the chair can not be folded, relatively bulky and heavy. 1 Some models are difficult to clean because the fabric mattress is not removable and the price is quite expensive. Overall, few mothers choose, if you choose this chair, it is suitable for families who own a large house, travel by car.

Number of spacious snacks today

Through the above sharing about the advantages and disadvantages of the weaning chair models, it is certain that mothers have selected a model of weaning chair suitable for their requirements. Here are some suggestions for a variety of current snacks for mothers to refer to:

Mastela booster chair (Carter snack chair)

Mastela is the US leader in the market for baby chairs and baby food. The Mastela business acquired the brand of Seat from the Carter brand. So the look of the Mastela chair is based on a long history of Carter quality and the creativity that has been widely verified by generations of customers. over the world. Mastela confidently provides your family with high quality products that are absolutely safe for users.

Mastela dining chair is a foldable chair (Booster seat), saving room space and convenient to move. Pretty appearance, cute colors: Pink, Gray, White, Be. The seat is adjustable in height. Products made of PP plastic material makes them clean. Babies sit relatively comfortably, can be used for babies from 5-6 months to 3 years old. Universal, clean, and removable tray when babies are bigger. Chair with 2 straps to help keep the baby safe and sturdy.

Mastela dining chair is an American brand but is distributed in Taiwan by American quality technology. There is also an AB booster chair on the market with a design similar to that of owning a Mastela dining chair.

If mothers are not too important on the cause, the Mastela dining chair is a reasonable choice because of its affordable price, beautiful design, safety, compactness, and ease.

Summer dining chairs are genuine American goods. With a long tradition of providing safe and quality products for young children, Summer always strives to accompany mothers in their parenting journey. The chair has a breathable foam pad to help your baby sit comfortably and comfortably, and bring a fabric back to the washing machine to use. The appearance and points are as good as the Mastela chair. But the premium plastic material is safer for the baby.

Chicco’s dining chairs

Chicco is a brand coming in about Italy, specializing in providing products for the mother and baby sector in more than 170 countries around the globe. Chicco’s products are captivated by children with their beautiful designs and bright colors. In addition, parents are also extremely quiet when choosing Chicco thanks to its low quality, safe use, convenient smart design, suitable for children’s psychology and highly educational. Chicco dining chair material is made from premium materials, BPA-free, durable. Suitable chair for universal possession of your baby’s growth period. Chicco practice chair with both Booster seat and High chair

Reading these last things, I expect you to have the necessary notices to choose your required suitable baby baby food booster chair. So which one is the best weaning chair? The answer is no with the lowest form that owns a lot of people.

Mothers consider the advantages and disadvantages of each line. Their requirements and economic conditions to choose the right one. If your house is large with good economic conditions, choose a high weaning chair. If the house is narrow, the budget is minimized you should choose a booster seat. In fact, you can also choose a chair with a slightly high price, low quality, safe, durable and beautiful. If you can not use it anymore, it will not be expensive to sell it out.

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