How Should Children Eat Fruit?

How Should Children Eat Fruit?

Delicious fruit, contains many essential nutrients and is an indispensable food for the development of children. But what to feed children and how to eat is not easy. Here we would like to give some suggestions to guide children to eat fruit in a scientific way.

Children eat different fruits in each age group

Baby about 4 months after birth

Children should be gradually introduced to fruit juice or crushed fruit. According to nutrition experts, mothers can add fruit juices with different flavors, and mashed fruit should be apples and pears. These two fruits are quite mild, not easy to damage the child’s stomach and intestines.

The best juices are freshly expressed and diluted and can be drunk in between milk meals.

After 5 months

Children can eat an appropriate amount of ground fruit. Fruits such as apples, pears, kiwis, and watermelon are all very good choices. However, do not overfeed at once, about half a teaspoon is most suitable.

When choosing fruit for your baby to eat, you should also pay attention to the child’s health and fitness. If children have a weak stomach or stomach, it is best to eat at least cold fruits such as watermelon, banana … The child may have a lot of heat, constipation, and plaque on the tongue Eat a lot of pears, kiwi fruit … Children with poor digestion should eat cooked ground fruit.

After 9 months

Children should eat fruit pieces. After the child teething, it is possible for the child to chew fruit cut into pieces, so it can improve the child’s chewing habit. Remember that fruit should not be cut too large, to avoid obstruction of the trachea when swallowed.

Some note

About time

The best time to feed your baby fruit is in the afternoon, after waking up or between meals. Each time you feed your baby from 50-100 grams of fruit, depending on the child’s absorption capacity and age. Children – 3 months old should only drink fruit juice, from 4 months old and up to start eating fruit.

Children should not eat fruit instead of green vegetables

Many people believe that fruit will replace green vegetables, this concept is completely wrong. Because the content of minerals and fiber in fruits is less than in green vegetables, there are also some substances in green vegetables that cannot be replaced. So you need to combine feeding your baby with green vegetables in meals and supplementing fruit in snacks.

Give your baby fruit that is suitable for your body

When feeding your baby fruit, you need to pay attention to the baby’s health at that time. For example, if your baby is constipated, tongue-in-cheek, and when it’s hot, you should feed cool fruits such as bananas, lemon juice, oranges, apples … For babies with poor digestive systems, feed them apples, medium Positive effects for the development of intelligence, and good for the digestive system.

At the time of season, it is advisable to limit eating fresh fruits to children under 6 months old because this is the stage when children are easily sick, especially boys; The incidence of intestinal diseases is very high. It is best to cook the fruit.

Tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple are easy to cause allergies, not suitable for babies. The best way is to cook these fruits, filter for water, then give them to your child to drink, thus reducing the risk of allergies.

Principles for children to eat fruit

Parents need to firmly grasp the principle “eat slowly, while watching”. That means giving the child a little test, observing whether there are negative signs such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or allergies, then decide whether to continue to feed the child or not.

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