How to Treat Diaper Rash for Babies and Young Children

How to Treat Diaper Rash for Babies and Young Children

Infection is an inflammation of the skin in the folds, hot and humid is the main factor, in addition to the friction between the folds accompanied by the impact of sweat, feces, urine can damage the skin. More severe skin abrasion and superinfection.

Typhoid fever is a common illness in children from birth to adults. In children, usually from 9 to 12 months of age, especially children who are obese, or sweat a lot, when using diapers with stagnant urine, stagnation of stools due to diarrhea, often occurs during the point of starting to eat solid foods or the baby taking antibiotics for a long time, or if the mother takes antibiotics and is breastfeeding. So what is the right way to treat newborn diaper rash?

Symptoms of gangrene:

  • The upper folds turn into a red, slippery, oozing mass, due to rubbing, a plump that oozes and causes pain.
  • Superinfection of bacteria and fungi can cause swelling of the lesions, cause more discharge of pus and drainage.
  • Location: neck folds, groin folds, buttocks, behind the ears, sometimes in the navel, the skin lines and the area around the anus (when the child has diarrhea).

The cause of diaper rash

  • Areas of skin or folds that get wet from sweat or leave diapers wet or dirty for too long.
  • Rubbing with diapers.
  • Fungal infections.
  • Infection.
  • Allergy to diapers.

How to treat diaper rash for babies and young children

The mother noted that the younger the baby’s skin, the more fragile the baby’s skin is, the more vulnerable the skin is, the more susceptible to infection, so the more careful treatment is.

  • Some topical products such as creams, ointments or powder: These are intended to soothe a child’s skin or provide a barrier – or both.
  • Apply to the affected area after gentle cleansing, you can use zinc oxide or calamine lotion.
  • If mothers use baby powder, keep away from baby’s face. Talc powder in baby powder can cause respiratory problems in children.
  • Cream with hydrocortisone can be used, but you should consult your doctor first, as prolonged or incorrect use can damage your baby’s skin.

How to treat diaper rash in children and babies

  • Check your baby’s diaper regularly, and change it as soon as it gets wet or dirty.
  • Use clean water. Baby soap should be used to wash if your baby has a bowel movement.
  • Wipe gently on damp areas, instead of rubbing.
  • If you use a towel, choose a clean, smooth cloth. Try to avoid fragrant towels or toilet paper or alcohol. Clothing should choose cotton fabric to help absorb sweat better.
  • Make sure the area is completely clean and dry before putting on new clothes or diapers.
  • Choose diapers that are of good quality and the size that fits your baby. Choose different clothes or change detergent when washing baby clothes.
  • Temporarily, mothers should not let the baby wear diapers when the baby has diaper rash to help the baby’s skin heal faster.
  • To limit and improve the baby  ‘s diaper rash , mothers should wash their hands before and after each diaper change.

The mother should let the baby see the doctor when:

  • The rash gets worse or does not respond to treatment for 2 or 3 days.
  • Your baby has a fever or appears to be slow and inactive as usual.
  • I see yellow pustules, or yellow oozing or swelling in the affected area. This could be a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics.
  • You may suspect symptoms of a yeast infection:

Swollen red skin with white scales.

+ Red papules in the perimeter of the infected area or the diaper area.

Prolonged redness in the baby’s folds.

In these cases, the mother should send the baby to the doctor for examination and appropriate treatment. Happy baby healthy mother happy!

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