Massage Promotes Child Development

Massage Promotes Child Development

Children are very sensitive to stimuli. Especially massages and massages. If you massage the baby regularly, it will help the baby feel comfortable and grow faster …

Conditions for conducting massage

When the baby is massaged in a warm environment, the baby is placed comfortably. Do not massage when the baby is hungry or has just finished eating. The masseur’s hands must be warm, smooth, nails cut short, and not ring-worn to avoid damaging the baby’s skin. You can apply a little baby lotion on the palm of your hand.

The masseur’s love for the baby is very important. Both massaging and gently talking or being able to play gentle music for the baby.

The procedure must start from gently, then gradually strengthen. It is necessary not to let the baby feel uncomfortable, pay attention not to use too strong force or too light. The order of rubbing from head to face, neck, chest, abdomen, limbs, and back. At the beginning, give each baby about 5 minutes of massage, then gradually increase it to 15-20 minutes, 2 times a day.

Massage is not a mechanical operation. But an emotional exchange of mother and child, along with massage for the baby. The mother’s hand skin will also feel stimuli from the baby’s delicate skin.

The meaning of massage

Massage can promote your baby’s development:

Examination 42 days after birth showed that the weight, body length, head circumference of the massage children increased significantly compared to those who were not massaged.

During the massage process, there is eye contact between the mother and the child. Often through gentle voice or melodious music to converse with the baby, which can boost the nervous system children’s development. Through long-term observation, it was found that the motor ability (such as lifting the head, turning) of the massaged babies from birth developed earlier than the children who were not massaged. The ability to adapt to the surrounding environment (such as making acquaintances, crying, babbling to speak for themselves) also develops more rapidly than children who are not massaged.

Massage increases the child’s resistance:

Many studies have shown that massage can improve immunity, increase immune substances in the body for the baby. Today, massage has been used as a way to care for sick children. For children with wheezing, after 20 minutes of massage, the illness has somewhat improved, the mental state is also stable.

According to observations, after being massaged, the baby will sleep very well, wake up, not cry, but be very good. Babies who do not sleep well after being massaged will sleep deeply and quietly.

Massage movements

Arm massage:

Place the baby on his back, the thumb of the mother’s left hand is placed in the middle of the baby’s left hand. The other fingers hold the baby’s hand lightly. Use your right hand to gently rub slowly from wrist to shoulder. Do the same thing with baby’s right hand, doing 6-8 times on each side.

Foot massage:

Place the baby on his back, his mother’s left hand gently grasp the baby’s right heel. Three thumbs, pointing and middle of mother’s right hand make a circle that gradually rotates from heel to knee, do 5-6 times, then move to the other leg.

Back rub :

Place the baby on his tummy, the mother’s left hand holds the baby’s leg, use the back of the mother’s right hand to gently rub the baby’s buttocks up to the neck. Or you can use the index finger and thumb of both hands to gently pinch the skin from the buttocks up to the neck along the spine, doing 6-8 times.

Rub the feet:

Lay the baby on his back, the mother’s left hand grabs the baby’s right heel. The mother’s right hand gently rubs from the heel to the belly of the baby’s feet 5-7 times. Then rubs again from the ankle to the head baby pillow 5 – 6 times. The same goes for switching hands and rubbing other legs

The skin covers the whole body, is the largest organ and also the most important sensory organ in the human body. The skin contains more than 5 million sensory cells. It can receive a variety of external stimuli, such as the sensation of temperature, the sensation of pain … These sensations after being transmitted to the central system. nerves induce a response, through nerves and fluid to get a response. During the period from 6 months of pregnancy to 2 years old, the nervous system develops very rapidly. These stimuli promote the development of the nervous system. But malignant stimuli like cold, pain have the opposite effect.

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