Recipes to Keep Babies Warm in the Cold Season

Recipes to Keep Babies Warm in the Cold Season

Properly keeping babies warm in the cold season is something every parent needs to know to ensure good health for their babies. Cold weather will make it very easy for your child to get sick, especially young children. So how to keep warm for the child’s body? Accumulate the secret to healthy children in the article below.

Golden rule: Four warms one cold

The four are warm hands, warm back, warm belly and warm feet. When dressing for children, mom can check again by: your hands are warm, not sweating, is just right. Keep the back warm just enough, because if it is too hot, the baby sweats and the mother does not know to wipe it, the sweat will seep back into the lungs causing pneumonia or cold.

The warm foot is because it contains many blood vessels and blood and is also the most sensitive. A cold pair of feet can cause a baby to suffer from respiratory problems. Warm stomach is to protect the stomach for the baby. If the stomach and abdomen are cold, it will affect the child’s digestion and absorption of food.

“A cold” is the baby’s head. It is not advisable to keep your head covered to reveal your face, especially when your child has a fever. In winter, mothers still need to keep the baby’s head comfortably cool. When going out on the street, pay attention to wearing a suitable hat to avoid the wind.

Do not wear more than 4 layers

Many mothers still think that just wearing a lot of layers of clothes can protect their children from the cold of winter and forget that wearing the right principles really works to keep the baby warm. Do not wear more than 4 layers of clothes for your child, because wearing too many children will be difficult to move. The principle of warm wearing is followed in the following order: inside, mothers should wear a cotton coat that fits snugly around the body to absorb sweat and keep the baby’s temperature stable, the next layer is a A sweater, felt, or long-sleeved shirt covers the neck, the outer layer is a wind-proof jacket so that the baby can comfortably walk on the street.

In addition, mothers should also pay attention:

– Always keep the temperature in the house warm. It is a comfortable temperature where your baby doesn’t need to be overheated.

– Avoid direct drafts. Do not place your baby near an open window, open main door or windy openings. Even ceiling fans for adults are cool, but for babies it is enough to create cold breezes.

– Dress your baby in a few layers to easily remove the outer layers when not needed.

– Wear a hat for your baby to keep his head warm in cold weather. Note, do not let baby’s hair get wet when wearing a hat.

However, do not over-warm the baby. Babies need to be kept warm, but not too hot.

– Should remove less clothes for the baby when the temperature increases.

Keep your baby warm when going to bed

When sleeping, parents should let their children wear well, maybe a cotton shirt inside and a thin sweater or outer body, a hat (for babies born prematurely, but for babies who are healthy and have been a few months, It is not necessary to wear a hat when sleeping). For newborn babies, the head is the place that generates about 40% of the body temperature, but at the same time it releases up to 85% of the body temperature. In addition, if you want to keep your child warm, in addition to the child’s temperature, parents need to pay attention to the room temperature. Appropriate room temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, avoiding drafts but absolutely not too secret.

Keep warm while showering

In winter, you only need to bathe your baby 2-3 times / week. Avoid bathing your baby too early or too late during the day, and abstain from bathing your baby from 11am – 13pm. The most ideal time is from 10am to 10:30 or from after 13:00 to before 16:00. Bath time for babies does not last longer than 5 minutes from the time the baby is in the water until the baby is out of the basin, to ensure the water remains warm enough for the baby.

If the indoor temperature is too low in winter, mothers should equip heating devices such as air conditioners and fans to make the air warmer. Mommy remember not to let the air conditioner or the heating fan point directly at the baby. This makes them more susceptible to dry skin or burns.

If you bathe your child in the bathroom, remember to keep the bathroom doors and windows closed. Avoid drafts. Should have a heater turned on for warm air then let your child undress to shower. Bath water to about 33-36 degrees C is suitable.

You need to prepare enough clothes, socks, gloves on the bed, it is best to warm up first, so that when the shower is finished, the child wears it always in the cold.

When you bathe your baby, you need to remember the principle, wash your face first, then shower your whole body and finally wash your hair. After bathing your baby, place your baby in a wrapped towel from head to toe and hold the baby on his lap, then wipe the baby.

Keep baby warm when going out

When you go for a walk, visit a loved one or simply go shopping, you need to pay attention:

  • Wear suitable for outdoor temperature.
  • If it is cold, wear socks, gloves and a hat.
  • If the weather is warm, there is no need to wear a jacket that is too thick.
  • For long trips on cold days, you need to consider means, time, weather conditions … before allowing your baby to participate.
  •  For trips on warm sunny days, you should shield your baby from direct sunlight, you can use a thin blanket or sunscreen or curtains on the car.

Keep your baby warm with food

Nutrition is very important to your baby at any time, but in winter, the baby’s body needs more vitamins, you should choose fruits containing high levels of vitamin C such as apples, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit Because these fruits will help your baby avoid colds and flu.

Vitamin B2 and vitamin E play a role in improving the adaptability of the child’s body when the temperature is low. In addition, vitamin E can remove oxygen free radicals, improve the child’s body’s resistance, improve blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease. Therefore, doctors at Shanghai Medical University advise mothers to supplement foods containing these two vitamins for their children on long cold days. The foods mothers should feed their babies are lean meats, cauliflower, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables, and yogurt.

While preparing baby food, it is advisable to give enough spices (ginger, garlic, onions …) for the baby because they work to increase the child’s body’s resistance to symptoms of sneezing, runny nose. In addition, many parents only pay attention to drinking water for their babies in the summer but forget that, in winter, babies also need to drink enough water, drinking enough water will make the baby’s body feel more comfortable and health much.

Wish mom and family will have smart and effective methods to help your baby overcome the coming cold winter.

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