What Are the Types of Slides?

What Are the Types of Slides

Most of the parents know why playing is important for a child, but they cannot associate it with learning. Parents also enjoy playing with their children all the time. Being a new parent, taking care of your child is challenging, and an interesting part of your life.

For a toddler, learning involves gaining new skills such as memorizing alphabets, learning shapes, and counting numbers. But parents often believe that play is to have fun and doesn’t involve any learning. Best indoor slides for toddlers help in enhancing various skills.

How playing can benefit a child’s growth?

Language and communication skills

Another research study shows that ‘pretend-play’ helps a child to gain great language, pre-reading and writing skills. Playing in the playground with their fellow friends helps to enhance communication skills, which also leads to cognitive and social development.

Physical and mental health

Play promotes emotional and physical development. It is also important for a child’s mental health and resilience. Parents should involve their kids to concentrate on other play activities which help in increasing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand, and eye coordination, strength, and endurance is a specific benefit for a child’s physical development.

Brain development

An environment enriched play with sensory play items and material-oriented playing can promote a child’s intellectual development. Stacking rings and jigsaw puzzles are the best two play toys that increase brain development.

What Are the Types of Slides

What is a slide?

Slides are one of the important key features used to create a perfect garden for your baby. Slides are suitable for children aged from two to ten. Toddlers’ slides usually stand only three feet, but they are going to give hours of entertainment for your children.

TYPE OF SLIDE                                     DESCRIPTION
Plastic slide (Small-sized slide) This is specially designed for younger children. These are often the best indoor slides for toddlers in the market. You can even preserve it in your storeroom for your upcoming children. It is 3 feet long. It is highly flexible. Well suited for small areas, where you can even easily fold and store it under a closet or a bed. Supervise your babies all the time and keep track of age recommendations.  These are durable and cost-effective.
Soft-structured slide

(Customized slide)

This slide helps in gross motor development. It provides many ways to play. Younger children can slide safely and can experience a smooth surface. It requires regular maintenance and cleanliness. Instruct your kids not to use shoes while playing on this slide.
Play structured slide


We recommend only this slide if you have an enormous space in your house or backyard of your house. Though it provides a lot of ways to play, it is not well suited for indoors. As it is the best choice only for larger areas. Your child will be busy all the time, and your elder daughter or son can also play this slide with a swing or basketball hoop. Learn clearly about the setup. This slide takes some ample amount of time to arrange.

What Are the Types of Slides

Slides at children playground

With such many slides, there are different varieties of slides to choose from. Here there are five types of slides given below:

Open slide

These are the famous garden variety types of slides that people are usually familiar with.

Closed plastic tube slide

Enclosed plastic tube slides are also a major slide type you can find commonly in a playground. In a playground, some of these tubes slide “burrow” through the ground, leading from one area to the next.

Double barrel tube slide

This is the longest and tallest tube slide in a playground. Normally, it is found at the family terracing play area. They are approximately about 23 inches long and start at a height of 9 meters up. As riders, we advise it to stay at the bottom of these slides.

Family slide

The family slide is the widest in a playground.  This slide accommodates around three to four members in a family.

What Are the Types of Slides

Benefits of indoor slides

Flexibility: Children grasp the rungs of the ladder; they are stretching their bodies and spreading their legs to reach the next step, and they are strengthening their hands and legs. It increases flexibility and stretchability.

Social skill development: Every toddler loves to play with slides. So all the kid’s attractions will be a slide in a playground. So, your child has to wait for their turn, which teaches them patience and other social skills. This also includes skills that are going to aid your babies in their social interactions.

Physical development: According to toddlers, sliding down is a huge fun and hard task. Your toddler will put all their hard work to play with slides. The strength of your toddler’s muscle gets increased because of this activity. Thus slide aids in physical development.

Safety considerations

Parents should always be extra cautious about selecting the slides for their toddlers. Even indoor slides can cause accidents. For these reasons, it is better to choose a best indoor slide for toddlers with the right safety concerns for your child.

  • Slide bumpers and handles should be easy to handle and have a strong and easy to grip.
  • The ground surface should not be rough. Ensure it while placing the slide either outdoor or in the backyard. Preferably sand and grass are the choices of surface for outdoor slides.
  • Slide with a flat surface bottom is safe for landing.
  • Only one person should be on the slide platform at a time, and children should not slide down in groups.

What Are the Types of Slides


Indoor play equipment offers kid’s friends, fun, and exercise. But it is important to take care of your child when they are playing. A piece of faulty equipment, improper surface, and unsafe behavior can destroy your child’s fun. It may even lead to disaster. Every year, around 1000 kids are subjected to severe injuries because of not following the safety considerations. These kinds of accidents can be avoided by opting for the best indoor slides for babies.

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